When she’s not hard at work writing mystery novels, Marguerite is probably working at her day job as a digital editor, marketing writer, and content strategist. For more information about her professional pursuits, visit her website @MJDarlington.


A curated project by Joshua and Marguerite Darlington active from 2011 until 2013, was established to report breaking news about scientific and technological breakthroughs that can improve life on this planet. At the time, mainstream media shied away from covering hard science news, and many Americans feared technology and made little effort to understand how science can change their lives for the better. The Twitter feed supporting this tech-positive blog was rich with breaking news items from all over the world wide web. The Darlingtons chose to focus on how technology will affect our future because that is where we will spend the rest of our lives.

From September 2011 until July 2012, Marguerite Darlington served as managing editor for In addition to writing and editing feature articles for the B2B fashion, marketing and technology blog, she also managed contributors, participated in branded content campaigns for corporate clients and managed independent contractor bloggers participating in the campaigns. As part of her daily duties, she also distributed content to social media platforms, managed social media accounts and optimized posts for search.

Before working for @InsideFMM, Marguerite Darlington worked as web editor for License Global magazine, a B2B publication targeted to the licensing industry.

She wrote and edited copy for both the website and the magazine, wrote text ads, maintained the website using custom CMS tool and wrote basic HTML code. In addition, she established and managed social media program for magazine on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Prior to working at License Global magazine, Marguerite Darlington served as an Editor for Publications International, Ltd., which provided non-fiction content for HowStuffWorks. As an Editor, she proofread and uploaded content and created pages, including internal links and photographs. The majority of the content related to gardening, arts and crafts and scenic road trips.

Before working as digital editor, Marguerite Darlington was a creative in marketing, writing promotional copy for formats including websites, sell sheets, print ads, brochures, invitations, radio spots and more. Below is a sample from her tenure working in-house at The New York Times Marketing Services department.

A showcase of her professional writing work as well as a showcase of inspirational material for her mystery writing habit, is a portfolio, a resume and a blog filled with pure gold for crime writers. Additional noir film imagery and inspiration can be found on Marguerite’s Tumblr and Pinterest.

For more information about Marguerite’s professional writing experience, check out her resume.


heidiIn addition to her work as a writer, Marguerite also produces short form videos for YouTube. Below are some examples of the promotional videos she’s created. Enjoy!

Dragons of the Sky Drink the Blood of the Sunset

Heidi Meets The Atomic Punk

Moon Gazebo

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