Friday Noir: Marked Women

This was the first noir film that I ever saw. One night when I was about nine years old, I couldn’t sleep and I turned on Marked Women with Humphrey Bogart and Betty Davis.


  1. Wow! 9 yrs old? That’s a pretty intense film for 9. I just blogged Marked Women on my way through all of Bogart’s films. Did you enjoy it then? Now?

    • I thought they were so cool, started asking for black coffee and watching Bogart films. I didn’t really understand the plot until I was much older. I have to check out your blog! He’s brilliant in In A Lonely Place, in addition to the classic Sam Spade flicks.

  2. Black coffee, too? You must have been hooked. Took me til I was 18 to find noir (my mom tried multiple times to convince me) but once I did, I loved it.

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