Jungian Noir

I like crime shows, but all crime shows are not created equal. As compelling and innovative as shows like Luther, Wire in the Blood and The Killing are, none of them can compare to Twin Peaks.

First off, it’s still incredible to note that this aired on network television in the 1990s. To anyone who never watched the show, they might not make a whole lot of sense, but they are an interesting example of exploring a mystery in a non-linear, intuative narrative.

This was a show that you either loved or hated. It broke radically from television norms, not to mention crime show norms, and used dream-like symbolism and logic to solve the murder of a beloved high school girl in a small Washington state town. An eccentric FBI agent uses unorthodox techniques to investigate the crime. Exploring this dream space called “The Black Lodge” is one of them.

*Seeing the dwarf and the giant sitting together reminds me of a book on Jungian analysis that I read many years ago. He believed that giants and dwarves represented disturbances in the space-time continuum.

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